Curative practices for a more cohesive society


Art is the language we use to address and transform human issues.
Engaging with communities is our way of operating.
We then use research as a means of measuring and analysing the ongoing dynamics.
Businesses, schools or communities are better armed with the necessary tools for their members to cohere with one another.

Besides, we have as aim to train and prepare students or organisations in embracing their international adventure.
A student based in the Netherlands willing to conduct a research in the international field could use our support.

You are at the right address at THEUNEXPECTATION for ordering a survey or research for your socially related projects.
We are open for collaboration as well.
We function as a database for collecting fresh, avant-garde ways of tackling social issues.

Our approach involves strategies that foster the respect of human rights and a sustainable co-existence with other components of our earthly shared environment.