Curative practices for a more cohesive society

  • Thecoffeety - coffee company
  • Trustroad - Roadside assistance agency
  • Worthswitch -Second-hands, rentals& small jobs company
  • POPU - Broadcasting company
  • Tohonu - Handmade fashionwares company
  • African Food Lovers - Retail in food of African origin
  • Leafquiz - education on botanics&gardening company


You have a great idea for a business or a project? No matter your undertaking, you will need the human element.
Most people are not trained in that. Obviously, your great idea doesn't come with a how-to-build-a customer-based-methodology encapsulated in it or you simply don't know where to start.
You can use our support in that respect.

Why us?

  • We have educators, psychologists trained business people and all kinds of savvy experts in our team, who understand your project isn't just about a dream.
  • We assist in designing all aspects of your project for you (Website, businessplan, laws & regulations, team building...etc).
  • We identify your customers.
  • We provide you with a working methodology to interact efficiently with your customers.
  • We then use test and research as means of measuring and analysing plausible ongoing dynamics with customers.
  • Businesses, schools or communities are better armed with the necessary tools for their members to cohere with one another. We therefore prepare you and help your organization maintain a consistent community around your products or services.

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