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Coaching according to the Loneliness Reversing Curriculum

We coach people, start-ups and business owners.

LRC stands for Loneliness Reversing Curriculum.
For such curriculum we have a methodology to help individuals find your significant other.
Our LRC approach is quite unique, in a sense that it involves the inquirer him/herself. Meaning you don't just ask us to find you a mate and then wait for us to do all the work for you. It doesn't work like that.
You must be able to look at yourself in a mirror, know who you truly are before encountering your match.

Our dating services are sectioned in 3 levels:
Bronze level is all about knowledge of self and the field of dating in general.
Silver level is about how to fine-tune your personality into matching the significant other of your expectations.
Gold is about a more intense approach of Bronze and Silver combined but then for a year long.
On all the afore-mentioned levels, we arrange the match for you and also might actively intermediate during your communication with your potential partner. In general, we'd advise most candidates to enrol in the Silver level, since the issue of loneliness originates from  mere a behavior one has adopted than a disruption from a third party.

Have you found out which level suits you already? Choose a level to begin here: Loneliness Reversing Curriculum