Prevent/Cure hypertension the natural way(Program)



High blood pressure
Enroll to our program today and get rid of hypertension for ever. The success of the therapy we provide solely depends on your will power and your self discipline. Why?
Because tackling high blood pressure comes brings about addressing many other flaws in your life.

Disclaimer: we at theunexpectation are not medical experts. Many aspects in current medical system could be helpful to your healing process. We actually work hand in hand with your physician. Our advice should then be taken as is. By submitting to our procedures, you accept you are responsible of your choices and the consequences thereof.
Before subscribing to our Hypertension cure and prevention program, take our quiz here.


Duration 4 weeks – 6 months depending on your precedents  
Difficulty Moderate to hard  
Personal involvement of patient Full. You are your own healer  
Parallel medication Eventually yes  
Monitoring by our agents Yes  
Post program follow up Not mandatory  
Medication involved Eventually  
Herbals and naturopathy involved Mandatory  





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