Preconditions&Diagnosis High Blood Pressure

Welcome to your Preconditions & Diagnosis High Blood Pressure

Do you have a medical precedent that could explain your High blood pressure?We want to know your awareness of your High Blood Pressure.
Medically diagnosed symptoms in general?This question revolves around your symptoms. In case of medically established symptoms, do share please.
Cardiovascular deficiency symptoms?This question revolves around eventual blatant signs you might be dealing with hypertension.
How about my nutritional habit?This question is about my nutritional habitus. Choose as much options as possible which reflect your current situation.
How about my meat consumption?This question revolves around meat intake. By meat, we mean all meat, fish included.
How about my sleeping habitOur current socio-economic paradigm requires from us to be stress tolerant. We want to know how tolerant you are to stress and how you go about time management.
How about alcohol consumption?Tell us more about your attitude towards alcohol.
How about my bodily movement (Sport)?
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